3 Leaves is a unique Indian casual dining room, situated in the heart of Blackrock Market in south county Dublin. This friendly restaurant is run by passionate husband and wife team Chef Santosh and Milie. The name 3 Leaves originated from the three herbs commonly used in Indian cuisine – Mint, Coriander and Curry Leaves.

Our menu changes frequently and feature a taster menu platter where you can experience most of Chef Santosh’s distinctive curries. All dishes on the menu is prepared daily to provide best quality Indian food.

Gold winner of Best Chef in Indian Cuisine, Dublin – Irish Curry Awards 2017 & 2018

For Chef Santosh, becoming a chef was a dream of his from a very young age: “I always wanted to be a chef. As a teenager, I remember watching TV cooking shows in India and experimenting in the kitchen. I grew up travelling and living in different regions of vast India. There was always an abundance of fresh ingredients from the local fields around me that inspired me a lot.”
Setting up 3 Leaves in Blackrock came from Santosh’s desire to work as a chef and prepare dishes which highlighted India’s vast and diverse cuisine: It’s no surprise at all that Chef Santosh can’t live without spices: “My vision is to offer my customers a pure taste of India, a symphony of taste for them to experience the depth and flavour of the spices. I believe the soul of any Indian dish is the freshly ground spices, therefore every morning I prepare these spices myself. Each curry I make in 3 Leaves has its own blend of spices, which in turn, gives them a unique character.”
The “freedom to be creative with my menu” is Chef Santosh’s favourite part of his job. When he started 3 Leaves, he wanted to “change the perception of Indian cuisine as a hot and sweating meal” and make it an enjoyable experience for everyone.

3 Leaves, Blackrock, Ireland.

Unit 30, 19A Main St, Blackrock Market, Blackrock, South Co. Dublin, Ireland.
+353 87 769 1361  |    santosh@3leaves.ie

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